The word Chidayatan has been composed of two separate Hindi words- CHID and AAYATAN. CHID means a substance called the Soul, characterised by its intrinsic quality of perception and AAYATAN means a place. It refers to Chid + Aayatan, which means a place that offers opportunity for one to be encouraged to enter his eternal true nature of the soul, aiming for eternal peace and truth. Chidayatan is a holy place which inspires the individuals to introspect and feel the everlasting peace at the very inner most conscience.It is that utmost sacred place, which motivates one to realize one's own soul.

Moreover, Chidayatan refers to a pious place which inspires humans to achieve transcendental peace.

Outside of the bustling material life, the soul in search of ultimate peace craves for a secluded place. The need for spiritual regeneration and a life enriched with basic human values has often made us contemplate the necessity of a Chidayatan .

Prime Attraction

  • The encroachment of a cavern, which narrates the story of 700 Jain Munis based on the terrible episode in which they faced “upsarg”and were excruciated at Hastinapur which is famously remembered as "Rakshabandhan Parv".
  • A PanchParmeshti temple that is exceptional and one of a kind. The earliest PanchParmeshti temple ever built is this one.
  • The 105-foot-tall Manstambh temple, which features elaborately carved white marble idols of 24 Teerthankars.
  • A lovely resort with lodgings for visitors as well as long-term housing for those interested in self-welfare by following the path of spirituality.