California Golden Eagles, a newly-launched Indian Cricket team is an initiative of Pavna Sports Venture, owned by Pavna Group. The team was bought by Pavna Group in August 2023 with 20 renowned professional players from India and abroad. The team will be playing its first season in the United States Premier League (USPL) this year with teams from all across the globe. The best players were selected meticulously and are managed by a team of expert coaches and fitness trainers who give the best guidance to the young and enthusiastic players. This venture has surely rekindled the sportsman spirit and zeal for cricket in innumerable youths in the state of Uttar Pradesh since its inception and planning.

Pavna Sports Venture which has already given impetus to thousands of players in swimming, Taekwondo, cricket, handball and basketball in the state of Uttar Pradesh has now opened a new chapter in international cricket with California Golden Eagles for giving players a global stage to showcase their talent. Cricket being one of the most popular and preferred sports in India is a desired career option for millions in this country. California Golden Eagles will keep this spark alive in the domestic and international audience, and bring forth new talents every year who will keep the audience enthralled by the spirit of sportsmanship and love for cricket.