PAVNA GROUP has developed over the past 51 years into a top consulting and engineering company that offers total lifecycle support to its clients. The Pavna family has grown significantly since its inception. It has consistently accomplished milestones via genuine efforts and innovation year after year. In 1971 Our patron Shri Pavan Jain ji, founded the Pavna Group of Industries as a small sapling. Today the group is a fully grown tree with branches that extend across the globe. He wanted to raise the educational level of the city after developing prosperous industries. In 1998, he fulfilled this vision by sowing the seeds of a state-of-the-art school DPS Aligarh, that is still providing young minds a comprehensive approach to learning.

The branches of the tree kept stretching its arms and He eventually understood that there must be a spot where one can focus on their own self, on the enlightenment of their mind and soul. Thus in 2003, He came up with a space for soul introspection, where you can stay apart from the bustle of the materialistic world. That is how he thought of “Teerthdham Manglayatan ,” a place which also provides the young students with the knowledge about their Jain culture and history in addition to receiving spiritual guidance. It also provides the hostel facility to students from all over the India under the head “Bhagwan Shri Aadinath Vidya Niketan.” He was an meritorious innovator in the field of education who continually introduced fresh methods of learning for young students. DPS Civil lines, a stunning infrastructure project spanning over acres of land, was built in 2007 to advance the chain of education. Their best efforts in education and spirituality were not all, so they launched Sports Ventures like Pavna Cricket Academy in 2010 and ASCUS Cricket in 2019 to not only instil a culture of sports in and around the city but also with the intention of meeting the need for sporting goods.

The young athletes who needed a platform were also given one by this endeavour. 2014 saw the addition of DPS Hathras to the roster of sister institutions. Following the steps of his visionary father Mr.Swapnil Jain, an exemplary personality added new feathers to the endeavor by signing a handball team Golden Eagles UP, for Handball Premier league, which served as a benchmark for the city of Aligarh and the state of Uttar Pradesh. Pavna International School, which was established in 2022 introduced the Cambridge Curriculum to this city with world class facilities. The young students who needed a chance to study abroad, got them right in their own city. Never has the Pavna group been conformists. It has never stopped striving for grandeur and is consistently working for the betterment of the society, creating new platforms. It has always been successful for humanity in all facets of existence. Their core values haven't changed even as the company's offerings and activities have grown. The Pavna Group has established a benchmark, not only in the industrial sphere but also in the fields of education, spirituality, and sports.